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SB1 edition 
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  1. Slow is Smooth
  2. Chopping wood
  3. Storytelling
  4. Best available 
  5. Time to think 
  6. Neurodiversity
  7. Vive la Révolution

Interests: math, philosophy, design, programming, history, internet (web3), startups, and investing.

Goats Int’l — Life is for Learning
  1. GOATs are learners, regardless of discipline 
  2. GOATs always strive to improve—no wasted reps
  3. GOATs are internally motivated—external validation is an unstable base
  4. GOATs play infinite games—there is no summit

A love of learning was instilled in me at an early age by my grandfather, a computer scientist and physician who pioneered computational applications in medicine—a true polymath. Here’s to Homer!


Stew Bradley — pursuing things money can’t buy

Co-founder and managing partner at El Cap. Investing at the collision of innovation and behavior change.


Personal investor in technology startups, including Clubhouse, GoldcastArrows, Riff, Uno, Black Oak, Elevate, and Amp Human

Co-founder of Revive

Investor at $11bn Tiger-cub hedge fund

Analyst at Goldman Sachs (TMT)

NFL Linebacker (7 seasons)